Erwin Lee Wei Heng
Erwin Lee Wei Heng
Full-Stack Web Developer in Singapore, SG

About Me

I'm a former pro gamer turned programmer and a creative technologist with a passion for gaming. Still green to the tech industry, I'm looking to disrupt old ways of thinking, one project at a time. I hope to incorporate my soft skills as a professional gamer and achieve even greater results than before.

I love building things. While hard engineering problems are often intrinsically fun to tackle, I'm most attracted to solving real customer problems with a business justification. I'm looking for a junior developer role where I can take on collaborative team projects, and gain experience under the wings of great mentors.

Past Projects

  • Speedtyping

    A simple typing speed game that calculates your Word Per Minute (WPM) to keep track of how fast you type with precision.

    Built with HTML5 / Bootstrap / JavaScript

  • ThirstyGoWhere

    An online club review platform inspired by yelp but for clubs

    Built with NodeJS / Express / Postgresql / Semantic UI

  • Patient Management System

    Telemedicine app that digitise the consultation process. Getting rid of the need to travel to clinics for simple and minor issues such as collecting medical report(s).

    Built with Ruby on Rails / MaterializeCSS

  • Seenima

    Basic Fetch API movie app which populates a list of movies upon search

    Built with ReactJS / NodeJS / Express

  • Debug IT Solutions Pte Ltd

    Local IT startup company incorporated by a group of budding young entrepreneurs.

    Built with WordPress

  • Level

    Personal Trainer in Singapore

    Built with WordPress

  • Jadescape

    Upcoming Luxury Smart Home Condominium

    Built with Laravel

  • VibesFX

    Trading Company that Offers Foundation Course

    Built with WordPress

  • Propease Network

    Basic Blockchain website

    Built with WordPress


My personal interests include:

  • Gaming. All work no play makes Jack a dull boy. I mainly play Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, such as DOTA 2 and Mobile Legends. I do not enjoy games which are pay to win or requires any form of expenditure.
  • Chilling With the Bros. What better than to hang out with the people who knows you best when taking a break from coding.
  • YouTube. My favourite go to place for tech related stuff and learning new frameworks from channels like Traversy Media (not a paid advertisement).

Other Things

  • Gosucup Asia VI


  • Flash DOTA 2 League Season 2

    1st runner-up

  • Netolic Pro League Season 2 East

    2nd runner-up

  • Chaos Online Singapore (2013)


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